Workaholism name is Sean and I'm a recovering workaholic.   

The strange thing is that I now work even harder and more often than before.  

I used to have this mindset that work was the necessary force behind reaching one's goals.  Like many people I know, I grew up working to achieve my goals.  I paid for my first magic book by working at my uncle's chicken farms carrying buckets of feed to over 100,000 chickens by hand.  My other uncle owns 80+ acres of thick wooded forestry.  We fenced it in one week, by hand.  That's how I paid for my second magic book.  

For me, that relentlessly hard work at 16 years of age was done for a very specific goal: "I think I am supposed to study magic as an artform." 

After I got my first few books, I spent 8+ hours each and every single day, with no days missed, practicing and studying...for over 3 years.  My goal had been revised: "I think God wants me to use this art form for something." 

So right now, at this very moment, I have the same goal, but it has been revised again.  Many people I know WORK to achieve goals of money, popularity, success, etc.  

So here's the idea I want to show you: things like money and success shouldn't be goals.  They should be the work and the goal should be a purpose.  Money should be the WORK that fulfills a PURPOSE.  Success and popularity should be used to work towards reaching a goal of purpose.   

My purpose and goal is to be in God's will at all costs.  Things like money, success, popularity are only going to be used to stay within God's will.  As someone who believes Jesus was who he said he was, I realized that instead of working 8 hours a day at a job to make money so that I can pay bills so that I can have freedom to work on my show so that I can get more opportunities to go out and share the truth of Jesus with people so that I am in God's will and so that people will go to heaven...

...if I can spend 8 hours at a job... 

...I can spend 8 hours praying directly to God.   

The CEO wanted a meeting but I've been too busy working for him and that's been my problem for a long time.


|| sean ||