Weekend In Iowa

For those that don't know, I am often on the road with my buddy Brock Gill and his wife, Auny. This past weekend was one of those times, and we got some feedback this morning

(From www.brockgill.com)

We received some feedback this morning from Rob Hammann at Gateway Nazarene Church in Oskaloosa, IA after Brock, Sean, and Auny were there all weekend. Sean went in Friday and did on-campus college ministry, then Brock and Auny came in Saturday for a community outreach show, with Brock speaking in the worship services Sunday morning. 

Here's Rob's feedback ...

"Sean Emory is the most powerful "set up" man you could have, in my opinion. I spent a full 48 hours with him. Sean has a spirit about him that shows he is genuinely focused on ministering to others. I'm thankful you suggested that he come to work the schools before the event. I wouldn't do this event any other way. Sean engaged students at the Middle School, High School, and college. As a result our event saw an increase in attendance of 120 over the previous two years. I firmly believe this is all due to Sean's work. He is simply the best at what he does.

Brock and Auny are fantastic. They both understand the power of prayer. They both have a strong desire to minister to others. They brought entertainment to the stage and then turned the dial towards the Gospel message. The message was brought in a way anyone could understand. As a result 53 people made a decision for Christ. Many of them were first timers. Several of them were people who had been prayed about for years. I would love to have Brock and Sean again!"

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