We Are Missionaries

God has given Andrea and I many opportunities to be in His will.  When I felt called to do evangelism, Andrea and I prayed for opportunities.  Mysteriously, they came without marketing, or advertising, or having the greatest show or being the best speaker.  We just prayed and tried our best to be obedient because that's what we truly thought we were supposed to do.  

Well, we are still doing that and we want to do it even more.  Having worked with ministers and missionaries who are fundraised, I saw the greater time and resources they had to devote to reaching people.  Andrea and I have opportunities this year and the next to not only lead large-scale evangelism events in the United States, but also to travel outside to South America and Europe.  For some reason, God is using a guy that does illusions to spread the Gospel.  We have a prayer team.  Now we need a support team.  Please watch this video and consider joining us.  

If you feel led to give, you can click the "Donate" tab at the top of the website. We are working with Caliber Outreach, so all donations are tax deductible.