The miracle that happened yesterday

Yesterday, Andrea and I were walking out to our car and I double backed to get my keys.  Right as I was opening the car door, a lady burst out the patio door of her first-floor apartment screaming for somebody to help.  She had a small child in her arms, maybe a  year old, and he was having a seizure.  There wasn't anyone around, so Andrea and another girl knocked on doors and found someone to come help while I called 911.  

As soon as I told the 911 dispatcher our address, the child began suffocating.  I turned Andrea around and she began praying fiercely, and the remaining 3 of us literally watched this child die before our eyes.  His body turned blue, I watched his eyes roll and his head and body go completely limp as he stopped breathing and moving for more than 2 minutes.  You can't unsee something like that.  It was horrific.    

The small group of people who had gathered around this child knew absolutely nothing about what to do in this situation, and yet each person assumed a specific role and fulfilled that role calmly, it was incredible.  I'm on the phone walking through 911's CPR protocol, a neighboring mother is following instructions, Andrea is praying, and the Grandmother(the woman crying for help)  is rubbing the child and talking to him.

The 911 dispatcher gave us instructions and let me go while we waited for the ambulance.  The Grandmother, Andrea, and myself all started praying that God would have mercy and return  his breath to this baby.  

A moment later, I saw his chest fill up with air, and he took a breath, opened his eyes, and moaned.  The ambulance arrived minutes later and transported the child to the hospital.  We plan on checking with them today to see how he is doing.  

Life is a mystery, and so is God's Will.  As Andrea and I have reflected on the events yesterday, there are some thoughts we've had that have  held weight in our minds.  First, its amazing that the first-responding group of strangers all stayed calm and collected and assumed a job to do and did that job.  You hear about people gawking and standing in shock or simply watching without doing anything.  Yesterday, I believe the Holy Spirit was revealed in how 5 strangers worked together so efficiently for the good of one.  

Second, we met a fellow neighbor in our apartments who happened to be a Christian.  As we held hands and prayed to God, I noticed how each of us prayed.  It was revealing to see how each of us prayed in this situation.  One declared God's power and plead for a miracle.  One prayed for the Holy Spirit to comfort and bring peace.  One prayed for God's Will to be done.  

Lastly, life is a mystery.  We like our theories about where it comes from and where it goes a little too much, to the point that we as a culture sometimes forget about life happening right now.  In light of the the recent media exposure given to the topic of abortion, if  we do not have proof of the origin of life and identity and breath, shouldn't we try to savor every instance of it as much as possible?  

|| sean ||