(with optional school visits)

This package is meant for a one night event with Sean such as a community outreach, youth lock in, DNow, etc. This includes a full 75 minute show including a full gospel message. This package can also include middle/high school visits the day before or day of the show to advertise the event to students in the community.



(with optional school visits)

This package is meant for having Sean do multiple performances over a few days. While these events can vary in schedule, this often means Sean visiting middle/high schools throughout the week, performing a short teaser set for youth on Wednesday night, a full 75 minute outreach show Saturday night, then speaking on Sunday morning. 

Or choose from these other packages:

Sean can perform up to 20 minutes per day, OR 10 minutes per day with one 60 minute show on a single night. 

Close Up
This is a unique and intimate package meant for smaller audiences (40 people or less). Sean will create an 30-60 minute set filled with psychology, sideshow stunts, and of course, mind-blowing card tricks followed by an intimate and direct gospel presentation. 

Children's Show
While this show is drastically different from Sean's normal set, the comedy will be great for both children and adults. This event features a 45 minute show including a gospel presentation for children 5+ and lots and lots of adult volunteers. :)


*Please feel free to let us know if you're looking to combine any of these packages together. We are happy to be as flexible as possible.